How to Purchase the Best Acoustical Panels

If you want to install room acoustics and do not know much about it, then it can be quite a daunting task for you initially. There are a lot of options available with acoustical panels that makes difficult for you to choose one. Firstly, you should know the exact frequency of sound you wish to control and absorb. Then you need to know which room or rooms you want to soundproof.

Mostly, people need to adjust and absorb mid level to high level sound frequencies. For example, a newsroom, where majority of the sound that bounces in the room is the human voice. To absorb this sound, you will need to install acoustical panels. In case, you need to control low bass frequencies, you will need to install bass traps as well. The best examples in this case are recording studios and home theaters.

The panel size is not as important as it seems to be. You will only have to install sufficient number of acoustical panels to contain the space of the entire room. Also, the density of a room has not much affect over the performance of the acoustic panels. For example, 6 lb/cubic Ceiling Rafts foot density of core material will not necessarily be better and efficient compared to 3 lb/ cubic foot density.

Here, density indicates the rigidity and strength of the material. If your material is not strong enough, you can just wrap the fabric safely around the acoustic insulation. This is extremely safe and can be done easily. Also, you will not need to put a frame in order to support the hanging material.

A very important aspect to take into consideration is the fire rating of the panel. Generally, you should avoid purchasing acoustic panels that are manufactured with inflammable material. It is very dangerous to hang such kind of inflammable material around your walls. A lot of manufacturers also offer to treat the fabric topically by covering it with chemicals. These chemicals are specially made to support the fabric against fire.

Having your fabric treated with this type of chemical means that if the fabric catches fire, it will self-extinguish against fire. However, topically treated fabric loses its resistance against fire with the passage of time. The flame resistance of these acoustic panels should sustain for longer because they will not be washed. But many people suggest that it is better to install intrinsically flame retardant fabric since safety against fire is extremely important.